A Transrendufense - Transportes de Mercadorias Rendufenses, Lda. was founded in the 1950s by Alberto Carlos Pinheiro. Initially called "Alberto Carlos Pinheiro - Transportes Rodoviários de Mercadorias", the company's activity began as livestock transport, and a variety of products for sale in the region's weekly markets.

In the 1980s, Alberto Carlos Pinheiro transferred the company to his son and his daughter-in-law, giving rise in 1986 to the limited liability company "Transportes de Mercadorias Rendufenses, Lda.". Since then, the company has broadened its area of work, and began operating in the entire national market, in various areas.

In 1996, the company became international, and began working in foreign markets, providing services in Europe, mostly in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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