Social and Environmental Responsibility

The Organisational Social Responsibility is one of the key strategies of Transrendufense, as an integral part of the company's policy. Strongly oriented by social and environmental responsibility principles, Transrendufense has implemented throughout the years, several actions within this scope.

Another of the company's priorities, as a citizen company, is to involve employees in social practices, with a focus on sustainable and responsible development.

At an environmental level, Transrendufense has consolidated the recycling process, and good practices of power consumption rationalisation.

Environmental concerns are also present at fleet management level. With a policy of constant fleet renewal, the maintenance also includes the incorporation of the most recent and efficient models, on what concerns CO2 emissions. The Transrendufense's transport units are as environmental-friendly as possible. At the same time, Transrendufense encourages the adoption of driving styles which are more environment-friendly, and a greener co-operation and participation on behalf of the drivers and the team in general.

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