The Fleet

Safety, Modernity and Environmental Concerns are a part of the Transrendufense's fleet. Currently with 109 vehicles of different categories, the fleet meets the market's demands. Another of the company's concerns is to ensure a good service to each of the clients, with excellent safety levels and comfort for employees.

The company has the best and the most modern vehicles on the road, always in the best maintenance conditions. In order to control the service, and to ensure a swift assistance, the vehicles are also equipped with communication and tracking technology.


A careful maintenance of the entire fleet is crucial for the efficiency of the provided services. At Transrendufense, a preventive maintenance check is made on all vehicles, in order to avoid malfunctions, and to ensure the safe functioning of equipment.

Considering the know-how, and aiming to optimise costs with vehicle maintenance, the company plans all preventive maintenance operations. Maintenance is made in previously scheduled periods, based upon:

  • the last maintenance date, and distance travelled;
  • mechanic availability;
  • the lesser time the vehicle will be unavailable;
  • the documentation, or technical supplier information, concerning the equipment and its components.

In case there is a vehicle breakdown, the repair is immediate. The vehicles are suspended from activity, and are subjected to maintenance services, due to malfunction, or anomalies that may jeopardise the safety of people and goods transported. The same happens whenever the satisfaction of minimum requirements demanded by the client are put at stake, as well as the compliance with the law.

The fleet is maintained as updated as possible, and vehicles reach their end-of-life at 5 years. After this, they are replaced with new units, with higher efficiency gain when compared to the previous vehicles, and always with cutting-edge technology.

Concerning packaged hazardous goods, the vehicles are fully equipped and certified for this specific service.



Tractor + 40 Ton Semi trailer: 116 Vehicles

Heavy goods vehicle >3,5 ton - 7,5 ton: 2 Vehicles

Heavy goods vehicle >7,5 ton - 20 ton: 3 Vehicles

Heavy goods vehicle >20 ton - 40 ton: 1 Vehicles

Heavy goods vehicle 40 ton: 114 Vehicles

7.5 light goods vehicle: 3 Vehicles

2.2 light goods vehicle: 1 Vehicle

Total DAF tractors: 14 Vehicles

Total Volvo tractors: 102 Vehicles

Total Mercedes tractors: 1 Vehicles

Total Mercedes tractors: 1 Vehicles

Euro classes vehicles:

Euro 3: 4 Vehicles

Euro 5: 54 Vehicles

Euro 6: 62 Vehicles

Security, Modernity and concern with the Environment