The Company

Transrendufense - Transportes de Mercadorias Rendufenses, Lda. is a service company, working in the field of road cargo transport. Founded in 1954, it operates on national and international level, with over half a century of experience and know-how. Based in Rendufe, Amares, the company has administrative, financial, quality, traffic and maintenance departments.

We travel all over Europe. Transrendufense's main destinations are France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands.


The Transrendufense Human Resources team is young, dynamic, and easily adaptable to new challenges, with a staff of 140 employees. The team is mostly female, with an age range between 25 and 45 years. 70% of the workforce have higher education studies, ranging from degrees in Applied Foreign Languages, Management, Marketing and Economics, to a Post-Graduate in Finance. Considering the European scope of the company, all employees speak at least one foreign language, other than their native language.

Transrendufense's employees are motivated to participate in the company's decision-making process. Together, everybody contributes with new ideas and actions, aiming to improve the provided services continuously.


At Transrendufense, Human Resources training is crucial. All departments are trained on an annual basis, including the operational area (drivers). The goal is to make the workforce as efficient as possible, and to close loopholes on possible difficulties, always thinking about continuous improvement.

Some of the training areas for the whole team include driving style re-education, hygiene and safety, languages, accountancy and finances.


Good businesses, good services, continuous improvement