Cares to be taken in snow weather
Cares to be taken in snow weather

· From the 1st of November to the 15th of April it is mandatory to use winter tires on the traction axle as well as snow chains

· Beware of speed limits and double caution with safety distance (in snow weather  the braking distance can increase up to ten times)

· On curves and bridges there is a greater risk of skidding as the road may be wet

· Do not overtake the snow cleaners (the road ahead of them has not yet been cleaned and can be a danger)

· Well-belt loading makes the truck more stable - make sure there is no space for the load to move and make sure that most of the weight is on the front of the trailer (on top of the traction axle)

· Remove snow and ice that accumulate on the truck’s roof and on top of the trailer - a layer of snow and / or ice that drops in motion can be a truly dangerous obstacle for you and others.

· Take pauses with great regularity - little visibility and darkness makes you feel more tired


· In case of failure it is extremely important that the truck is clearly visible to other drivers - please signal it so it is clear to other drivers